Monday, August 10, 2015

A Mormon meets a Buddhist, a Pentecostal, a Methodist, a Wicken and a Baptist!

Hey everyone! 

So we had Zone Conference in Montgomery on Thursday, which was really good! We have an awesome Mission President and leaders who give inspiring trainings! Sister Olsen, the Wetumpka Elders, and I also did a musical number, singing "Where Can I Turn For Peace?" It went well :) After Zone Conference, we went on exchanges and I went to Alexander City, AL. That night, a storm started coming on. The weather radio went off while we were visiting with some investigators. Then the town sirens went off, warning of the bad weather! We got some rain, thunder, and lightning, but not much else. Although I found out there was a small tornado about two hours away from where we were, in Troy, AL. We were lucky to not have to deal with it!

On Saturday we had a really interesting day. We did lots of tracting, which means meeting all kinds of people. We met a Buddhist, a Pentecostal, a Methodist, a Baptist, and someone who claimed to be Wicken. Woohoo! While out knocking doors, we came across an area that seems to have been sprinkled with cars. We could tell the cars had been there for a long time, as some were not even visible due to vines and bushes growing in and around them. It looked like an apocalypse scene! The first chance we got, we asked someone what the deal was (it was actually the Buddhist lady) and apparently it was her uncle or someone in her family that used it as a junk yard. Whatever floats your boat.

Well we don't have much else to report except that the work is continuing on! Thank you to everyone for their prayers and support. This week I challenge y'all to read Alma 32 and see how you can apply it in your life :)

Sister Griffith

Sister Olsen and I by the Coosa River

 Our latest chalk drawing :)
Pretty sunset (sorry it's blurry, I took this while riding)
Out on the open road in Wetumpks, just a few minutes from our apartment!

The road with the apocalypse cars

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