Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Week In Review.....(end of July/first part of August)

Hey everyone! I thought I'd share a little summary of each day this past week!

7/28/15, Tuesday: Went tracting; got bashed really bad at Walmart; had dinner at a member's home; met a new investigator!

7/29/15, Wednesday: Biked 10 miles, riding part of it through road construction; tried to tract but kept getting chased by dogs; went out to dinner with members; went tracting later that night in a different area and saw a possum & deer.

7/30/15, Thursday: Painted at Evy Young's house; weekly planned; had dinner at a member's home; took 3 showers in 24 hours due to the heat.

7/31/15, Friday: Attended Zone Training in Prattville, AL; went to see a less-active; went out to dinner with a member; rode our bikes to the park to contact. 

8/1/15, Saturday: Had a really good first lesson; watched the Restoration with a less-active; spent 2 hours knocking 23 doors. 

8/2/15, Sunday: Had a great day at church; went tracting; had FHE with two families in the ward.

8/3/15, Monday: Today! We have our usual P day activities (email, writing letters, cleaning our apartment, etc.) Later tonight we will go to the YSA FHE, and have a lesson with someone after that!

Hope y'all enjoyed having the inside scoop of our week. ;) Missionaries never have a dull moment. If we have free space on our schedule, we'll go out and tract or contact. 

I hope everyone's upcoming week goes well! Fill your time with productive activities, but also remember to stop and smell the roses. Life is good :)

Sister Griffith

On the Wetumpka bridge :)

Partial view from the bridge. The river is huge!

Oh Alabama...

Us with sweet Evy Young, who is a member. We helped paint part of her house :)

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