Monday, August 24, 2015

New Companion, and a Gun Pointed At Us!

Woohoo! Transfers came and went and suddenly I'm the senior companion, designated driver, and a trainer!! Got to love responsibility! ;) All in all, it's been great. My new companion is Sister Pyrah, who is from ID. She is so nice and I can see so much potential in her. I'm blessed to be able to go step by step with her in her first transfer. I remember when I was going through my first transfer in Tuscaloosa. So much changes in just 6 months. What's really weird to think about is that in another 6 months it will be February of 2016! 

So Sister Pyrah has gotten a big dose of "Alabama" her first week! Some of these include:

1. Getting accustomed to southern accents and drawls
2. Talking with a guy in the ghetto, and almost seeing a fight go down between a few women
3. Praying with people in the store
4. Eating deer stew at a member's home
5. Getting rejected at the first house we knocked on, in her first tracting experience

6... and the last one is too good to not include an explanation: so we were tracting last night around 7:30pm. We knocked and saw an older lady through the front-door glass. She got up to answer. As she was walking to the door, I could see she had a pistol in her hand. I said, "Sister, she has a gun." Sister Pyrah was like, "You're kidding, right?" And before I could answer, this lady was looking through the glass, pistol in hand and pointed at us, asking what we wanted. We explained who we were and what we were doing, and she said "Well I don't want to hear what y'all have to say", and so we left. I couldn't help but laugh as we walked back up her driveway. And I commend that lady's safety skills. 

Our investigator Mable is doing well, although there's been a few complications so her baptism date will be pushed back a few weeks. Everything will work out! Also yesterday our investigator Charlotte surprised us by coming to church, for all three hours! 

Lately in my personal study I've been noting the commandments that Christ gave us. In 3 Nephi 18 (pg. 442) there's quite a few commandments. He talks about taking the Sacrament, praying (with an emphasis on praying with your family), "meeting oft" (church), letting your example shine, and lots of others. Never before had I looked at these things in this way, that taking the Sacrament is a commandment, praying is a commandment. But it is. God wouldn't say something just as a suggestion. "This shall ye always observe to do, even as I have done" (v. 6) Are you obedient to His commandments, and how much do you treasure the things he has given us to help us stay on the right path?

I love y'all so much! Please pray for Sister Pyrah and I to be safe, successful, and susceptible to the Spirit. 

Love always,
Sister Griffith

Sister Olsen and I with Kimberly (5 yrs old), Heidi,
and baby Nicole :)

One of Sister Olsen and I's last days together

I'm gonna go crazy without her!

Out and about with Sister Olsen and Sister Nelson :)

A foggy morning driving to Birmingham 

Sister Olsen and I at transfers!

The Wetumpka Sisters & Elders, after we got out of church!

Sister Pyrah and I!

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