Monday, August 24, 2015

The Company

I work for a company, 
that's quite large.
There's thousands of us employed,
all at the same charge. 

The pay isn't what we expect;
in fact we soon find
the salary we work so hard for,
is actually a spiritual goldmine.

In the company, there are leaders to oversee my work,
and I have one main associate (of whom I may love or dread).
But despite all of this, I only answer to one Head.

Our job sends us to different areas,
overhill, overdale, to faraway places;
each unique and full of new faces.
We find certain challenges we combat in phases.

Our clients are a privilege to work for!
Our main goal is to relay information.
And never have we had a meeting that's a bore;
because suddenly they see a difference in their life,
a couple dews of Heaven's light.

All the preparation, our long hours of work,
become worth it at this transaction.
A transaction of the Spirit, a transaction of truth,
the heart-throbbing beauty of the Gospel brought forth!

Oh how magnificent, oh how excited I am,
to be involved in this glorious work,
and be led by the Master's hand.

I work for a company,
that is changing lives.
And never could I have guessed,
that it would change mine.

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