Monday, August 17, 2015

Small miracles and blessings!

Good afternoon everybody!

This past week has been pretty crazy! On Thursday we were out biking, and as we were going across the bridge, my rear bike tear completely deflated. I don't know what happened (maybe it got old, I ran over a sharp object, etc.)! We went through all our options but nothing would work out, so we ended up just walking our bikes home and it took us an hour to get back. 

Despite that setback, we've had lots of small miracles and blessings. The same day (Thursday) we had two great lessons, both with members present. The first was with a cute lady named Mable, who we've been teaching and who is getting baptized on August 29 (yay!)! The second was with a lady named Charlotte, who is investigating the church and has such strong desire to come closer to God. 

Other blessings include this past Friday when we were at Walmart picking up some groceries and a member spotted us and paid for all our groceries!! As we were pulling out of the parking lot, some random person waved at us and gave us a thumbs up. Also on Wednesday we were at the park, and when we got back to our car we found an anonymous note (although we could tell it was from a member) with encouraging words on our windshield! We are blessed!

We got transfer calls this past Saturday! We already knew what would happen, as Sister Olsen is done with her mission and going home, which meant that I would be staying in Wetumpka. Although it was a surprise to hear that I'll be training a new missionary, and getting all the responsibilities of a senior companion! I think all of this is happening at the right time, and is exactly what I needed, to keep me motivated in the work and to gain more experience as a missionary. The Lord is very aware of us and our needs!

For an inspiring thought, I'll include 3 Nephi 15:9 (pg. 437). Read this and ponder what it means to you and what you're doing because of it. 

I love y'all so much! Have a great week and wish me luck!

Sister Griffith
Mable and I :) It was her birthday.
We get all sorts of bugs and moths outside our door, and one day we found a giant one!! We put our phone next to it for size comparison. It was about as big as our phone! 
Us and Evy Young. She was so worried that her hair didn't look good for the picture!
We reassured her that it looked great. 
Out tracting and a butterfly landed on my hand!
It reminded me of that Bible video with Jesus and the little girl playing with the butterfly!
We had a Jesus-butterfly moment!!

Sister Olsen with the butterfly

Sister Olsen and I loving our moment with the butterfly.

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